Our Workplace

  • No matter what field you are in, working in the uranium industry adds many dimensions to the job: physics, politics, environmental considerations, a vigorous protest movement, a volatile market and the critical importance of managing radioactive material at our operations.

    Today, Cameco is an organization of about 3,000 employees with offices, operations and exploration projects around the world.
  • Focused on safety:

    Cameco’s highest priority is maintaining the safety of our workers, contractors and the public. By creating a work environment that minimizes and eliminates hazards and ensuring work processes reflect a focus on quality, we are building a workplace that assures workforce and public safety and protection of the environment.
  • Diverse:

    Cameco is committed to creating and maintaining a welcoming, inclusive, barrier-free work environment which allows all employees to perform their jobs at an optimal level. Achieving this desired environment depends upon mutual respect, creative problem solving and co-operation.
  • Respectful:

    Every employee has the right to work in an atmosphere that is free from harassment, violence and discrimination. Cameco's respectful workplace program reflects our commitment to create and maintain a work environment in which all people are treated with dignity and respect. Cameco provides ongoing learning opportunities to build a respectful workplace and is prepared to take prompt action when there is evidence that this program is being violated. All employees must attend respectful workplace courses that clearly identify expectations.
  • Ethical:

    Cameco's Code of Conduct and Ethics applies to all employees, officers and board members of Cameco and its subsidiaries. The code includes guidance on how to conduct business according to our values — safety and environment, people, integrity and excellence. By conducting ourselves ethically and with integrity, we continue to build strong relationships and earn the trust of others. How we do business is what makes Cameco a supplier, partner, investment and employer of choice in the nuclear industry.

    Code of Conduct and Ethics
    (PDF, 8 MB)